Happy try divers having a scuba experience

Come along for a Try Dive and discover the underwater world

Anyone Can Try Scuba Diving !! ⭐A pre try dive briefing


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to breathe underwater or to be completely weightless like an astronaut? Well wonder no more, come and experience it for yourself on a “Try Dive” with Scuba Blue 🌊


We run “Try Dives” every Tuesday evening, you need no experience and all you will need to do on the evening itself is have FUN !!!


Putting the scuba kit togetherA “Try Dive” is cheaper than you might imagine, £30 per person or if you come as a pair it is £50 for 2 people. Bring the kids along 👫 anyone over the age of 8 years old can have a go !!


Live life….try something new….come and join us for a “Try Dive with Scuba Blue who knows where it might lead !!!


📲 Call us on 01404 891808 for a chat…… we would love to hear from you!!