Vobster Santa Dive

On Sunday 11th December our favourite Inland Dive Site, Vobster Quay, was taken over by Scuba Diving Santas !!


This fantastic event takes place for charity annually and this year it was to raise money for the RNLI and the Dorset And Somerset Air Ambulance.


A team of Santas from Scuba Blue met at Vobbie early and were greeted by heavy snow making the site look like a winter wonderland. There was a fantastic atmosphere as we all donned our red outfits and prepared to dive.


At 10am, there was a mass entry with around 100 Santas plunging into the chilly water to explore the lake. It is a very surreal sight to see three Santas come past you with DPVs disguised as reindeer!



Following the dive, there were lovely hot mince pies and a raffle to raise as much money as possible for these two very deserving charities. A great event and a huge well done to the staff at Vobster for running the whole thing so efficiently.

Egyptian Adventure To Sharm El Sheikh.

October 2022 saw 22 Scuba Blue members jet off to the dive mecca that is Sharm El Sheikh. Sharm is located on the most southerly tip of the Sinai Peninsular in Egypt. The crystal clear aquamarine waters provide world class diving with stunning coral, supporting huge amounts of marine life.


We spent our week at Camel Dive Hotel which is situated right in the middle of Sharm, so an ideal base not only for diving, but also to allow us to sample everything else the town had to offer. The jetty from which the boats left each day was a short minibus drive away and once back after a days diving there was no better place to enjoy ‘Happy Hour’ than the Camel Bar Roof Terrace. We loved being in the centre of everything.


We were treated to 2 dives a day, with an optional 3rd dive for those who could just not get enough diving… we all know that the good stuff always appears on the third dive of the day!! As well as all the usual amazing sea life you expect to find in the Red Sea, we also had appearances from Turtles and even a Hammerhead Shark whilst at Tiran. The air temperature was a very warm 33 degrees but we were kept cool by the sea breezes and once in the water, we enjoyed a wonderful 28/29 degrees.


One of the many highlights of the trip was an expedition across the desert to Dahab, where we dived the infamous Blue Hole, followed by the stunning “Canyon” dive. These two dive sites are right next to each other so a perfect dive combination, followed by a fantastic group lunch in Dahab itself.


Sharm provided a huge choice of eateries and bars every evening and it was wonderful to be able to wander the streets after a days diving to check out the amazing array of merchandise on offer in the hundreds of shops, street stalls and bazaars.


A fantastic trip and we are already looking forward to our next Egyptian adventure in October 2023, when we will be cruising the Red Sea aboard the luxury motor cruiser ‘Blue Melody’ and diving the sites that cannot be reached by the day boats of Sharm.


Keep an eye on our Facebook page for details of all our trips both foreign and in the UK!!

Breathe Easy !!!

So a relatively unfashionable subject but one which is absolutely crucial to us divers, we all happily kit up, stick a reg in our mouth and go off to explore the underwater realm we all love so much, but how pure is the air in your cylinder.

Here at Scuba Blue we take air purity very seriously and have our air/compressor checked every three months……I have never taken much notice of the specs involved in our “Air Purity” tests but it struck me that I was interested in the CO2 content…… so following the most recent test I spoke to the fab people at Aquatron breathing air systems who do our air testing and discovered that the UK has some of the strictest tests in the world.

With regard to CO2 content ours is a great pass at 440.8 parts per million………in the states you can pass with anything up to 1000 parts per million !!!!

Just for your interest the test involves Aquatron sending me a small “Crack” cylinder which is then filled directly from our compressor, this is then sent back to Aquatron who do their analysis and then send the air purity certificate.

So you can all “Breathe Easy”😂😂 safe in the knowledge that all cylinders filled at Scuba Blue are full of the freshest safest Somerset air …..also the test is done every three months to ensure standards are kept as high as they can be!!!

HSE presentation

PADI Diver Safety UK Event

Scuba Blue take Diver Safety very seriously. Whether it is a course, training session or dive trip, we plan carefully to make sure the activity is successful, safe and, of course, fun. When the opportunity arose to take part in a Diver Safety UK event at PADI’s European headquarters, based inRNLI Presentation Bristol, we jumped at the opportunity. Brian Scowcroft, Scuba Blue Staff Instructor, represented the team.  Inevitably his first report back concerned the quality of lunch provided, but once over that hurdle we got down to discussing the course content.


PADI must be congratulated on bringing together key speakers from all the main organisations involved in making sure diving in the UK is as safe as possible. The event was presented by Mark Spiers, PADI EMEA Vice President for training, sales and field services and showcased industry influencers from:


  • Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)
  • Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA)
  • Health & Safety Executive (HSE)
  • Divers Alert Network (DAN)
  • Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI)
  • British Diving Safety Group (BDSG)
  • Diving Diseases Research Centre (DDRC)

Guest speakers shared the latest best practice and techniques to improve diver and boating safety and were available to chat with through the day.


RNLI Presentation and video

One highlight was the opportunity to apply for Instructor status for a new speciality, the PADI/RNLI Sea Survivor Diver.  This looks like it will be a great addition to the range of specialities Scuba Blue offer.  Essentially this course covers the skills, experience and knowledge a relatively new diver needs in order to be a confident and safe diver in the sort of diving we find in the waters around the UK. It includes dive planning and preparation, safety kit to carry or which we find on dive boats, diving in low visibility, gas management, SMB use and more. AS well as knowledge development the student takes part in two open water dives where they can apply and develop their new knowledge.  An initial thought is that it would be a fabulous course to offer less experienced divers who might be a bit nervous about actually going out diving in the UK.


As well as the brilliant presentations Brian came back with free stickers, a poster, badge and a keyring….. a Happy Bunny!.

The Scuba Blue team at PADI HQ

PADI Affiliate Travel Workshop

Midge and Brian today represented Scuba Blue at a PADI Affiliate Travel workshop at PADI’s European headquarters, located conveniently for us, in Bristol.  The workshop introduced to us the new PADI Travel arm of the PADI world. This is a really exciting venture as it is now one of the world’s biggest dive travel agencies. They offer trips, resorts and liveaboard adventures across the globe and with the sort of prices that can’t be beaten.  Watch out for further news from us as we become a PADI Travel affiliate. Will will then be able to offer you an easy way to get everything from advice to actually booking your next dive adventure.

Our new Divemasters

New Scuba Blue Divemasters

Andy. A new PADI DivemasterAbsolutely delighted to say that today the first 3 homegrown Scuba Blue Dive Masters were created !!!!

Huge congratulations to Andy BluffieldCarla Cook and Jonathan Madeley who, after 8 and a half months of hard work and huge commitment, have become the first Scuba Blue produced PADI Professionals.

Massive thanks to Brian Scowcroft who has run an amazing Dive Master course, the attention to detail from Brian has been second to none and the catering at his regular DMT meetings and the fun and laughter has become a thing of legend. It has not only been fun but without these guys and the other Scuba Blue TDMs we would not have been anywhere near where we are today, you are all amazing !!.

Thanks also to all the fabulous students we have been able to let all our TDMs loose on …….it adds so much to the course when the practical parts of the course can be completed using real life students rather than simulating situations.

Can’t wait to bring you news of the rest of our terrific TDMs qualifying in the very near future!!! 😀😀😀😀😀

Scuba Blue Dives Babbacombe

Carla CookEnjoy finding out about a Scuba Blue dive trip as reported by our very own Divemaster, Carla Cook.


Saturday 12 January saw the first of Scuba Blue’s 2019 dive adventures. Fourteen brave divers took to the chilly waters of Babbacombe in Devon for a great early morning dive. It was so good to see Scuba Blue’s ethos of ‘start diving, keep diving’ in full swing with five newly qualified open water divers joining experienced divers for their first sea dive.


Babbacombe is a fantastic location for old and new divers.  Just one hour from our home base in Somerset, it is always teeming with life.  With a car park right next to the shore and an easy entrance and exit to the sea, makes it a great place to introduce new Babbacombe Beachdivers to their first experience. Also for those of us experienced divers who may have overindulged at Christmas, it is a nice way to ease us back in for another fun-filled year of diving.


I have been diving for over three years and have been part of Scuba Blue from the beginning. Last year I started training to be a divemaster so I could share my love of diving with others. I honestly do not think I would have enjoyed the experience as much if I had not done it with Scuba Blue. The team are so knowledgeable, welcoming and passionate; I have made friends for life.


Scuba Blue Divers at Babbacombe I got to support some of the new divers through their open water courses, so to be able to be part of their first fun dives was extremely rewarding. They were so excited to be able to spot their first crabs, lobsters and other sea life, having animated discussions with us afterwards, helping to identify what they had spotted during the dive. I would highly recommend Great British Marine Animals by Paul Naylor to help with this!


I have to mention Scuba Blue’s very own Mr Bluffield, who is, unfortunately, gaining the unwanted reputation of losing his dive equipment! Thankfully, the dive community are so amazing that within a few hours a fellow diver had found his camera.


It would not be a proper dive day without a trip to a local pub for some food, here we are at Route 16 (other pubs are available).Lunch at Route 16 in Babbacombe


I cannot wait for Scuba Blue’s next dive adventure, but in the meantime, every Tuesday evening you will find us at a pool in Taunton, ready to welcome the next generation of divers. If you have ever thought you would like to have a go at diving, why not join us? For only £30, you can take part in a try dive and meet the Scuba Blue team. To find out more call 07966 429239 and check out our website at www.scubablue.co.uk and for advice on diving at Babbacombe have a look at this blog article 


Scuba Blue loves to help people start diving, but more importantly, we want to keep you diving!

Midge thanking Paul Naylor

An Evening with Paul Naylor

What a fabulous evening last night !!


Paul Naylor, author of “Great British Marine Animals”, now in its expanded 3rd Edition, visited Scuba Blue to give a presentation on “Sex and Violence in the Underwater World”!  A subject guaranteed to grab the attention of any audience.


Great British Marine AnimalsThe lecture room at Scuba Blue HQ (kindly provided by Fathom Diving) was full for Paul’s talk and it was great to meet people from the dive community across the area. Paul spoke and showed video and photographs for over an hour but afterwards, no one could believe how quickly the time had passed.  We would have happily listened to Paul’s tales for much longer. Rather than skim over all the animals we divers see regularly on our UK dive trips Paul chose to focus on a handful of creatures which we then got to know so much better.  Who knew that the cute Tompot Blenny could be such a devious little critter! As Midge put it when thanking Paul:


“A huge thank you to author Paul Naylor for an absolutely riveting presentation on the fascinating creatures that inhabit our coastline. The time went SO quickly and I’m sure next time we dive we will all observe creatures with renewed respect and wonder after hearing the amazing facts Paul amusingly delivered !!”

Paul Naylor's audienceAfterwards, Paul stayed to chat and answer questions as well as selling copies of his book – autographed of course.  His book was so popular that he sold every copy he had brought with him.  I am confident that Midge will be inviting Paul back to Scuba Blue soon.


Paul Naylor Picture

The image of the plumose anemone and edible crab is an indication of the quality of images which feature on every page of Great British Marine Animals. To find out more about Paul check out his website at http://www.marinephoto.co.uk If you are a UK diver Paul’s book should be on your bookshelf, or even better, in a waterproof bag with your dive kit so you can find out more about what you have just seen as soon as you leave the water.  Also, have a look at Benny The Blenny who is a rarity among marine creatures – he is a regular blogger!


For more information about Scuba Blue, sign up for our occasional newsletters and find out about our club just go to https://www.scubablue.co.uk and follow us on Facebook

people enjoying scuba pool training

Scuba Blue in the pool

Here is a video made by Tony Reed of Cheap and Cheerful Photography back in the summer.  We might be learning inside now winter has arrived but it’s still just as much fun. Why not call Midge at Scuba Blue and come along to join us for a try dive?  Like it says, no experience necessary to have the time of your life!

The Scuba Blue divers on Mary Jo. Happy folk after a great dive

Scuba Blue Dive Club

The Scuba Blue Dive Club has got off to a great start. Since its formal launch a few weeks ago membership has grown and we are planning a great programme for 2019…not that 2018 is over yet.


The club offers two levels of membership; the Scuba Blue Dive Club offers advanced notice and priority bookings for UK and overseas dive trips, access to a closed online community where members find buddies, plan informal trips and lift shares as well as talking all things diving.  You also get a discount on a training course of your choice.  Already we have found some trips filling up just from club members so to make sure you bag your place on our dive trips you need to get in the club.  The Scuba Blue Dive Club Plus also offers free lead, air fills or cylinder hire as well as free access to our Tuesday night pool sessions for practise and kit checking. Just making use of the free air fills will more than cover the cost of membership…. so what’s to lose?


Check out our club page on the website to find out more.